CAS Trust looks forward to the new season

With the new season about to kick off it seems an appropriate time to reiterate where CAS Trust stands.

Like all Charlton supporters we want to be able to watch a successful team representing a club we can be proud of playing in front of vibrant and enthusiastic crowds.

This doesn't mean winning the Premier League (although that would be nice) but we know that Charlton should at least be a competitive Championship club with attendances at home games of between 15,000 - 20,000.

We also know that the club can be one with a reputation for stability, good judgement, supporter engagement and community involvement because we have enjoyed it before.

In the last two years we have been clear about our doubts as to whether this can be achieved under the ownership of Roland Duchatelet. His reign has brought instability, poor decision making and provocative statements, all of which have damaged the fortunes and reputation of our club.

The majority (94%) of respondents to our April 2017 survey expressed themselves pessimistic about the future of the club under his ownership. Most damningly, a large number of long-term fans have found themselves so alienated that they have claimed they will not return until there is a change of ownership. As a result CAS Trust still remains to be convinced that a change of ownership is not the best way forward for Charlton.

Nevertheless, like all football fans, we thrive on hope and we go into the new season acknowledging that for the first time for three years we begin the season with a manager who both knows the English football league and who has had the opportunity to mould his own squad. If this is a belated sign that our owner has finally understood some of the basic principles of football in England then it would be churlish not to welcome it.

We hope very much that we will be able to enjoy a season in which the team consistently punches its weight and in which affinity with supporters is strengthened. Then we might begin at last to aspire to regaining some of what has been lost in the last few years.

CAS Trust will continue to represent supporters with the goal of protecting and promoting the long-term future of CAFC.