Chair’s Notes

Another good meeting was held last night, with steady progress

The group debated and then decided on a paid membership strategy - which will be formalised when we launch. Initially it will be one membership per adult member probably around £10-15 per year.

To all supporters of the Trust idea, as a very important first part of this you can now show your support by signing up to our mailing list detailing your full name and address. I would strongly encourage everyone who voiced support for the Trust over the last month or so to sign up to this, in the first stage of building our support.

There was also a good debate on sustainable football. Many thanks to our contributor Richard Hunt and other newbies for coming along and broadening the debate.

I hope to continue firming up the working group which will become the interim executive that will be endorsed at our Launch, and will then carry us to the first AGM; as well as forming our Press strategy.

Next meeting provisionally 23rd August - depending on availability of Supporters Direct representative who I hope will attend and be the focus of the meeting (venue tbc).

I am looking for a generous and gifted web designer who can take on our website (for free of course) the current one is one I knocked up on weebly.

Please email me direct on if interested

Please also like our page, follow our twitter @castrust too

Thanks for your continued support

Barnie Razzell - Interim Chair