CAS Trust – Prepared to Launch!


November is a big, big month for CAS Trust. No we aren't growing moustaches (sorry), it's all about the build up to our launch on December 5th at Bartram's.


  • Our Brand New website launch watch this space..
  • CAS Trust News: Special Edition Commemorative 20 years Back to The Valley Very Limited Special Edition available from our volunteers before the Huddersfield match at a secret location near the ground, and it won't cost you a King's Ransom.. you only need make a donation to the Trust. An e-Edition for subscribers will also be available.
  • Our latest flyer following in the light of the acclaimed back to the Valley campaign, our flyers have been well received so far. Our aim was to pay homage to the past, and execute a professional well run publicity campaign, while at the same time strike a chord with fans.
  • 20 Years Back to the Valley Event Bartram's 5th December 2012 7:30pm. With very special guests including a former club captain - the event is non ticket and no entry charge, more details soon.

Other Initiatives at the moment:

Survey Says: 9 out of 10 "CAFs" prefer..

Our research says 9 out of 10 Charlton Fans want a trust, so the thrust of our efforts is therefore to reach out to supporters and ask you to register - it's free, and you get updates and news from the Trust, as well as showing your support. Full results of our survey will be published in our forthcoming newsletter.

Tweeting as part of our coordinated efforts to reach out to the fan base. Our efforts continue aiming to reach 1000 followers or more - help us spread the word @castrust.

Phone a friend - we're asking existing subscribers to recruit others, and it's proving a great success, keep up the good work.

Remember without your support there is no Trust - today!

BR- Interim Chair