Government could force football to change – 60 MPs to lobby parliament 5.02.13

Supporter's Direct (SD)  article concerning next Tuesday's meeting to lobby parliament

Select Committee Report

Some 60 MPs are already pledged to attend, including the Shadow Minister for Scotland, Solicitor General, Shadow Secretary of State for Health, a Government Whip, and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, not forgetting Clive Efford MP, Labour Shadow Minister for Sport and MP for Eltham.
Here are the main proposals from SD which are backed by the group of MPs

1. That The FA needs to include a rule as part of the new football club licensing arrangements that guarantees a Structured Relationship between supporters and clubs; and

2. That DCMS needs to establish the Government Expert Group before the beginning of next season (2013/2014) to explore methods of removing barriers to increased collective supporter share ownership in their football clubs.