We’re in this together: Addicks to pay up to 33% more to help reduce Club deficit

The expected across the board increases on season tickets for 2013-14 season arrive on the back of the recent promotion from League 1, and Football Club losses of circa £7.5m. Meanwhile out in the stands Fans continue to suffer a squeeze on incomes in real terms as the UK’s financial downturn continues.

TV money in the championship has dropped from £2.2 to £1.7m but is still considerably higher than that received by CAFC in League 1 last season, plus there is an additional Premier League solidarity payment of £2m for clubs not in receipt of parachute monies.

TV & Solidarity payments: League 1 total £1m, Vs £3.7m in the Championship

So a typical Championship club receives total revenue of £11m, as shown in accounts for Bristol City and Watford. Whereas CAFC posted turnover in League 1 of £8.5m.

If Season Ticket holder numbers are sustained an additional £500k will be earned. This and the increase mentioned above of £2.7m in TV & Solidarity payments, as well as this years 1000 increase on our gate, (and possibly more next year?); should all bring a significant reduction in overall losses, even taking into account costs associated with loan players, contract extensions and of course Wilson and Fuller.

The headlines:

  • At the top end Addicks can expect a £60 increase of 17% to £440 in central East and West areas
  • North Upper seats will rise 25% to £300
  • Over 60s and U21s face a rise of £60 24%-27%
  • U18 tickets which will rise 33% to £100 from £75
  • Disabled Addicks will also face a rise of 28%
  • A somewhat bemusing but more welcome 2% rise of £1 on under 11 tickets was also announced.

In comparison to previous years/divisions

  • 2006-2007 : £550/525 Premiership
  • 2007-2009: £475 Championship (with promise of free season ticket if promoted)
  • 2009-2011: £425 League 1
  • 2011-2013: £375 League 1/Championship
  • 2013-2014: £440 "?"

When compared to our two main rival clubs, Millwall are similar, and Palace more expensive, so no jumping ship please people..

A quick comparison of some average gates this season so far is below, alongside next or this years pricing.

CAFC 18,374 £300-£440 (from 23,500 2007-2008 Championship Season)

CPFC 16,576 £360-£495

MFC 10,873 £290-£425 (2012-13)

WFC 12,918 £355-£460 (2012-13)

Football League Stats here

Although touched on during the recent Fan's Forum meeting there has been little consultation on the rises. It is hoped going forward and since the recent club management restructure, that some form of fan consultation will resume on increasing gates/maximising revenue. Formerly this took the form of the Target 40,000 committee, and some may remember that Target 10,000 initiative in the 90's, so how about a new target for now?

Where are the missing 5000 regulars who can be targeted in efforts to encourage some of them to come back - In a TARGET TWENTY THOUSAND (home fans) campaign. If just half of the lost ST holders can be enticed back this is achievable.

Full Comparison of Prices for Addicks Season Tickets 2012-2013/2013-2014 below - All prices quoted are 'early bird' rates.

season tickets 12-14