Why Members Matter? You Can Make All The Difference!

So here you are. You're interested in the idea of a Supporters' Trust and want to know more?

  • Maybe you've done one of our surveys, or have read our website or seen our mailers.
  • Maybe you've shown support for the Trust either via Twitter or Facebook which is great, it helps us.
  • Or even better you're a Subscriber, you've shown support as an officially registered supporter of CAS Trust particularly before full membership was available.
  • Maybe you know our aims and objectives (but just in case click to view again).

The bottom line is we want an independent body for supporters to act as guardians for our heritage that is Charlton Athletic Football Club, in the footsteps of the Valley Party. More than 20 years ago a community stood up for what it believed in: That our football club would not be allowed to die a slow death and should be brought back to SE7. We are "Charlton til I die"! If you are too, please join us and spread the word.

We have already begun work, here's some of our activities to date:

  • Surveying fans opinions and what they think a Trust should do
  • Support Grass Roots Addicks Groups with pubicity and talking to their members
  • Attempting to build a relationship with the Football Club
  • A Back to the Valley Event
  • Launching the Trust and building mass membership, 234 Full members, as well as a large network of subscribers, fans and followers.
  • Trust AGM in March we hope

That's what we're about. So how can you make a difference?

The answer is to join us as a paid member.

  • Why should you part witha fiver?
  • What is this money going to get you?
  • Why do we need your hard earned cash?

Well the good news is if you're under 16, you don't have to pay, it's free! If you're over 16 here is why:

Gravity - The more we can demonstrate that we have committed Addicks willing to sacrifce a few drinks, to support us, the more people will take us seriously.

  • Many Supporters' Trusts charge a tenner, we were determined to charge as little as possible while still being a significant amount.
  • We want CAS Trust to represent all fans not a small grouping or interest, to do this we need mass membership.
  • If we can get enough members close to a thousand, maybe we could give the second year free. We do not ask this lightly,

What we need-  a Trust requires a lot of hard work mainly and luckily we have some very committed volunteers, and discounts, but we also need to pay for stuff like:

  • e-marketing
  • flyers and posters
  • supporting grass roots supporters' branches
  • a membership system
  • publications
  • survey software
  • websites like this one

And all the other stuff that helps an organisation like CAS Trust come into being and stay in the game.


Not everyone can spare the time but we also need volunteers for pre-match activities (don't worry you won't miss the game) and to join our group making decisions and forming policy, it's very rewarding and you can do a little or a lot, its up to you.

And here's what you get:

Full Paid Up Membership includes:

  • A Membership e-Certificate
  • Ownership of £1 Share (over 16s only)
  • AGM Rights (over 16s only)
  • Website logon
  • Members area, access to Trust documents
  • E-version of CAS Trust News
  • Member Bulletin
  • CAFC News Subscriber Services (coming soon)
  • Membership card (coming soon)
  • Badges (coming soon)

So there it is, if you want to read more about CAS Trust please see our FAQ area on this website, and Trust news archive for updates.

I hope you will consider joining

You can make a difference

All the best

Barnie Razzell - interim chair, CAS Trust