Last Minute Announcement of Plans to Bar Home Fans From Station Approaches – for 25 mins after game

SP70858-12It was announced today after a meeting between club and police (no fans were present) that Floyd Road and Ransom Walk would be blocked post match to home fans for 25 minutes, to allow Millwall fans to get their trains home, we wouldn't want them stranded up here would we now? We assume this is to allow the Police to get the away fans out and away to Bermondsey as quickly as possible.

Millwall have a particularly poor reputation that needs no introduction. Although Charlton's fans aren't in that bracket, there were problems during the fixture at the Den, and similarly at Selhurst Park earlier this year. The Policing has clearly been stepped up to cope with any tit for tat. Hopefully it isn't as counterproductive as the Croydon Police tactics that saw poor or no communication, and fans including young kids and elderly dangerously kettled down a narrow street with cars parked - at least our local policy is no cars can be left on match days.

We ask, could not these plans been made much further in advance, Millwall fans held back and put on rearranged trains for them? Any damage to the ground should be paid for by the other club, and what of any damage to local property?

Also slighly puzzling is the club's decision to sell alcohol in the away end, despite the early kick off and all local pubs being told to close.

Many fans feel aggrieved that away fans have been prioritised in this way, when in other scenarios away fans get held back. Let's hope we aren't so obiging on the pitch. The news has been greeted by a fair bit of derision from Addicks on Twitter and elsewhere

The Club has arranged that the lower North stand  bars will be open for an extra half an hour after the game, this also seems like a recipie for disaster, you can't get a pint quickly at the best of times.

No doubt there will be queuing and delays getting away so please everyone take note and be patient.
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