Subscribers to Convert

CAS Trust Subscribers will need to convert to receive current benefits.

Dear Subscriber

We don't want to lose you but the period up to AGM (SGM) where we continue to offer Subscribers as many benefits as we do will shortly come to an end.

We need all our supporters to all become fully paid up members now systems are available and fully bedded in, to take paid membership; but also so our detractors take us more seriously.  A supporter's trust will only be taken seriously and be able to be a voice for fans if we have larger numbers.

Currently we have recently doubled our numbers to 255, which is excellent, but but we need to keep moving upwards, and can only do so with your support. A Trust that size can be ignored, a much larger one cannot.

Subscribers will still be included on some of our mail outs, mainly the weekly round up, but will shortly no longer have logon privileges to our website or be counted in our membership.

Please take this as a positive step, and a nudge to upgrade your support to the next level, this Trust cannot be a success without you. A fiver is not much to most, and shows a level of commitment, we are aiming to make the second year free if possible.

And, if you want to help CAS Trust grow further phone a Friend today: and get them to sign up too. With even that kind of minimal effort we will grow rapidly.

This is your Trust, it needs your support to grow and be a success.


Barnie Razzell - interim chairman, CAS Trust


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