Police close ranks and refuse to discuss Millwall fall out

Recent attempts by CAS Trust to engage with Police in particular with reference to review of the actions taken during the recent Millwall visit to SE7, have ended in a response indicating that the police representative is unable to attend such a meeting. A curious use of the English language perhaps unwilling, or told not to, or under pressure from above are more appropriate descriptions. This is despite a previous offer of a meeting to discuss policing, and is thought to be due to involvement by New Scotland Yard in the operation.

On the day home fans were prevented from accessing the station via Floyd Road and Ransom walk to allow Millwall fans to exit quickly and not miss their trains home; without warning there were also closures of Charlton Lane and other access to Woolwich Road.

CAFC have decided that given the unwillingness of Police to discuss events, they also would not attend a meeting of this nature. CAS Trust are more than willing to respect confidentiality issues such a meeting might have engendered, and will now be raising this matter which we feel is highly unsatisfactory at the next Fan's Forum.


The questions we would like answered are:

*Why are the Police unwilling to be held accountable for their actions?

*Why was such short notice given by the club, (24 hours)?

*Why could Millwall fans not be held back in the stadium or in the immediate vicinity of the ground before fans could merge on Floyd Road?

*Why can fan representation not be in place during planning meetings for these events?

*Why were access routes to Woolwich Road from the Charlton Lane area blocked without notice.

* If closing other routes on the day was in relation to the level crossing and a Transport Police decision why was this not taken into account in the original planning - do we want our safety in the hands of a group who cannot see such an obvious issue despite their years of experience in such things, and who's carefully laid plans concerning the safety of thousands of people can so easily be laid in tatters?


If the club want fans to accept unprecedented draconian measures against home fans because we are playing a problem club, there needs to some form of transparency around decisions. Attendance by a fan representative would we believe bridge this gap, in what is arguably part of a very regrettable and widening public relations issue between club and fans. We believe this is not just a few moaners on a message board or two, and that will be borne out when the FF meet in a fortnight.

CAS Trust repeat the call for better communication between police , club and fans before during and afterwards.

It is unacceptable that public servants are unwilling to engage and be held accountable by those who are directly affected by their actions, and who pay their salaries. Of course Police have difficult decisions to make, sometime at short notice, however we live in a democracy and have the right to question and hold officials to account.

Perhaps this should be raised with the politicians who represent us their constituents, and can't be fobbed off by New Scotland Yard, this is something CAS Trust will be looking into this given the response, and ensuring this news reaches those ears.

If you want to contact CAS Trust regarding this issue please email secretary@castrust.org.