The Face that launched a thousand hits

chris powell halo 2


CAS Trust website enjoyed its best day ever with over a thousand hits today, after a joint statement was issued between itself and CAFC agreeing to a new era in fan participation at Charlton.  This will involve collaboration on many projects, but also immediately start with CAFC programme sellers distributing the next edition of CAS Trust News 'TNT' which will be free, and large, in a 5000 copy distribution which will also involve various pubs and clubs around the ground.

Also popular today and this week is and 'viral' by our standards anyway, was our page for a cut out Chris Powell Mask. A mini Twitter war erupted when it turned out some Addicks from popular match day drinking hole The Rose of Denmark, had actually had the idea first, and that the idea had been attributed to CAS Trust, and so on.. thankfully peace broke out, and the Powell Love-in could continue - a group of 20 from the ROD intend to appear at 'Boro suited, booted and flat capped, and wearing their own CP mask in a tribute to the popular Charlton Boss. We're sorry guys we were just trying to help and join in the fun, not cramp your style.

A big thank you once more to everyone for your support, but this is just the beginning. Fan participation on the scale we want will only work if enough Addicks sign up and get stuck in.