19 June Stand up to Greed in Our Game – Protest at FL and PL HQ

There is growing dissatisfaction among football fans and throughout football at the way money is distorting our game.

From more than the ocassional rearranged for TV kick off, to massive rises in prices, rampant commercialism and clubs more regularly going to the wall.

Last night many supporters' trust representatives from a wide variety of British clubs attended a meeting to discuss high ticket prices, and unfair distribution of Premier League solidarity payments was also raised by CAS Trust - which sees a vast discrepancy between Championship and Premiership incomes that is undermining our game at the roots.

  • Greed is undermining our national game, the imbalance between TV money from 1st and 2nd tier is causing a potentially devastating impact on debt levels in the Championship.
  • Young fans (and old) are being priced out of the game as ticket prices continue to rise at all levels. They are the future, clubs will die if they don't address this short termism and welcome the new generations of fans with tickets they can afford both at home but also the distortion that has returned to away ticket prices.

Will you stand up and have your say, and say enough is enough?

Many now believe the time has come to show that fans will no longer accept the destruction of the culture of our game. Follow the campaign on twitter #footballwithoutfansisnothing

  • You can also write to your MP and support attempts to get Parliament to force football to change.
  • Write to your club - write to us and or CAFC and have your say.

But if you can make the date, please attend with colours, banners, flags etc. More details soon!


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Also for interest look at  http://www.standamf.com/