Addicks fans calling for #Woolwich fundraiser

Social networks have been dominated this week by the events this Wednesday in Woolwich, including Charlton Life a message board of Charlton Athletic fans, the football club in the heart of the community which the event occurred.

A mixture of shock and anger, has prevailed as well as a determination that such acts would not destroy the local way of life; but mainly sympathy for the Soldier who lost his life; and his family.

One idea suggested by fans trying to find a way to help, has been to organise a football match at the Valley to bring the community together and raise money for the Help for Heroes charity, and Lee's family.

The Charlton Supporters' Trust  - CAS Trust's chairman said today:

"We have been asked today by some fans to communicate this idea and the feelings behind it to the Football Club, and we have done so.  We totally appreciate the feeling behind this which we share, and made a statement on our website today to that effect.

We also appreciate that this is a delicate matter that should be handled carefully. Obviously anything that took place would need to be well supported, appropriately organised and with the consent of Lee's family, and of course be sensitive and inclusive of the community. Perhaps if there is enough support locally and beyond for this the club can do something and we are more than happy to help if we can."

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