Addicks Fans determined to commemorate Lee Rigby #woolwich

Nothing has so far been announced by CAFC regarding a possible event to commemorate fallen soldier Lee Rigby, however we do expect something in the near future to be announced on this that is appropriate to the situation.

Nevertheless Charlton Fans seem determined action should go ahead in some form or another with the latest idea breaking on a social media site today being an engraved granite stone in the grounds of the Valley somewhere.

It is fairly evident that this shocking event will remain in the consciousness of many for some time and that some form of action is wanted by many wishing to pay their respects.

We will montor developments on this closely, and update further when able; and of course assist in any way we can to publicise or support any event or commemoration, and hopefully in doing so strengthen the bonds within the community from which many of our fans are drawn.

CAS Trust is committed to supporting Charlton and its roots in the community that the football club is part of ; and in voicing the views of Charlton fans.