Addicks in St Valentine’s day mystery – as only ‘Boro say no to safe standing

A meeting including 22 Championship clubs earlier this year confirmed support for Safe Standing. In the vote only one club 'Boro, came out against. Oddly though not all clubs attended (why is a mystery also).

The main mystery surrounds which of the 24 clubs attended and therefore which 21 clubs are in favour, and what the views are of the remaining 2 unknowns.

We have so far been unable to confirm Charlton's attendance at this meeting or the clubs official line, despite various attempts. Charlton fans recently came out overwhelmingly in support of Safe Standing in a CAS Trust survey (Look out this week for the results of our latest fan survey and prize draw).

Perhaps we should send some pesky kids down to the Valley to see if they can get some answers?BGS