Enough is Enough..Premiership fans are revolting – todays demo on ticket prices

It was just like a day on the beach..

With the open top buses, the bouncing beach balls, and people  sitting down in the middle of the road outside the London headquarters of the FA Premier league. People on open top buses clapped. Taxi drivers and bemused office workers on a late lunch break wondered what was going on in a busy London street.

So what on earth was going on?

The answer is an invasion by football fans from the top flight and elsewhere lead by Liverpools 'Spirit of Shankly' (the Liverpool FC supporters' trust) were leading a street demo to protest about the unsustainable amount of  money being charged for  football ticket prices.
Amid an air of 'give the football back to the fans' as one chant rang out, the only two people not enjoying the occasion were two women in an open top Mercedes, upset that  they were being delayed.
I do not suppose the chants of you 'greedy bastards' aimed at the  occupiers of the league were  either listened to, or appreciated, but it made  good  feature for the mass journalists,  who seemed to lap it up for there editors.  Led by  a posse of Liverpool supporters, but  a sprinkling of other clubs including Arsenal, Everton, and Man Utd , Spurs, as well as Brighton it made a point, but whether anyone was listening  inside the FA remains to be seen.
Will it achieve anything? .....
I would like to think so , but it probably needs a more high intense campaign inside the grounds, throughout the season, but you have to start somewhere and maybe this is just a beginning of something bigger. Hopefully Greg Dyke who 'likes to  be a man of the people' may  take on board the  idea when he starts as FA Chairman in the next few weeks, but it may take more than a few bouncing beach balls on the roads of central London.