Addicks’ Fans Want Powell Contract Renewal – Survey #3 headlines

In our latest Survey 90% wanted Our Chris to be offered a contract extension and saw this as key to ongoing success.

Here are the headlines, a more comprehensive report on the survey will follow later:


CAS Trust's latest comprehensive survey reached 2,252 respondentsBGS

This is possibly a record at Charlton and maybe even elsewhere for a survey of this kind. With help from CAFC's email bulletin, and a free prize draw which included a free season ticket for a lucky winner, we were able to reach a large number of fans

Nearly 900 of those who responded who didn't know much about CAS Trust wanted to know more

Most of those have become Subscribers or taken up Membership, meaning we still have work to do in reaching Addicks to tell them about the Trust.

Web use has doubled for the website

12% use of - double the previous survey - we think this has probably increased further recently as the website recently saw almost 15,000 hits in June which is a record for us.

A Whopping 90% approval to give Chris Powell a new contract

Only 41 fans strongly disagree!

Fans are neutral on the question of spending big on a few players

This implies most fans are not looking for a quick fix, they want more investment in the Academy instead

Fans want to see more catering outlets

and more trained bar staff to get better service at half-time, showing there is work to be done on the match day experience.

Fans want the Trust to build a relationship with the club

This is something we are working on but we need more fans to join us, so we can truly represent Addicks to CAFC.Soft Drink Badges