CAS Trust to Petition for #ValleyACV – Asset of Community Value status!

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Just a few months short of 28 years ago, Charlton fans were handed a piece of paper telling them their football team would no longer be playing  at its historic home The Valley, Floyd Road.



That act that saw the club separated from its traditional ground, saw a whole community stand together for what they believed in: that SE7 was the rightful home of Charlton Athletic.

After many years of struggle and the so-called Battle for the Valley, campaigning including the formation of a political party which stood in a local Election polling enough votes to seriously put the wind up the establishment - they eventually won through.


Today's magnificent stadium The Valley is the culmination of that fight which saw Fans and Directors working in harmony during Charlton's most successful era in modern times.

Unfinished Business?

Legislation now exists which allows CAS Trust to apply for Asset of Community Value status via the Localism act 2011. Forms are due to be submitted shortly and if after 8 weeks or so the application is approved, it is understood this will ensure Charlton fans are consulted if the club were ever to be relocated and or the Valley sold, with a 6 month period allowing a right to bid for the ground; And is part of CAS Trust's aims to preserve Charlton Athletic for this and future generations, and give fans a voice.

This status has already been approved at Oxford UnitedNuneaton grounds and is also shortly due to be approved for  Old Trafford, and Anfield.  It is seen an important first step to giving fans influence over the affairs of their clubs, and will likely be followed by numerous other clubs fans following suit.

For more information please see our ACV page and see how you can support the campaign.

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