Clive supports #ValleyACV and calls for more ‘Efford’ on legislation

Eltham MP Clive Efford, has now thrown his weight behind CAS Trust's bid for ACV

The Shadow Minister for Sport also called for further strengthening of legislation on relocation.

I support any measures that will give protection to sports stadia..
Listing a stadium as an ACV will allow fans six months in which to find the means to purchase the stadium if it ever came up for sale.
He added:

I believe we need to go further and give fans a statutory role as consultees should any attempt be made to close the ground or move to a new one. 
The last Labour government introduced strict controls over the sale of school playing fields.  Contrary to the popular belief that they were being sold off, the last government reduced the sale from school playing fields 10,000 in the years before 1997 to just 226 from 1998 to 2010.  In virtually all of the 226 the outcome was that fields were replaced in a new location or that part of the fields were developed and the proceeds reinvested in improving the facilities.  This was achieved by placing a restriction on the sale of playing fields.  As a result only a handful were sold off where the local authority could demonstrate there was sufficient provision in the area and no demand.
I propose that we do something similar for football grounds.  This would mean that in the event that of an attempt to change the use of a stadium, in part or in whole, fans will be consulted and able to object. 
I would like to also introduce a requirement that the ground will be replaced.  Where part sale of the ground takes place the money raised must be used to enhance the ground not to strip the club of its assets.  This would deter predatory takeovers that are not motivated by the long term wellbeing of the club.

CAS Trust hope to meet with Clive after the summer break, and are are also hoping to speak to Nick Raynsford MP for Greenwich & Woolwich constituency (which includes Charlton) very soon.