Addicks Washed out but ACV smashes 1000 as Trust edges closer to 700 members

The traditional soaking of CAS Trust Volunteers continued on Saturday but may have saved CP's men from blushes

UmbrellaSaturday's game against Doncaster ended 1-3 but the result will not stand, after the game was called off before the 2nd half got under way. The pitch looked unplayable particularly on the North and Eastern sections from the off but the referee continued. Doncaster saw the benefits and were rapidly 3 up after 20 minutes or so, until the game was halted due to the level of surface water that was clearly in evidence, the ball sticking to the surface and becoming extremely unpredictable - a situation which has previously seen matches called off in modern times at least.

Perhaps with a thought for Doncaster who had looked more mobile than an oddly jaded Charlton side, the referee let groundsmen do their work on the ailing surface for 20 minutes, aided at one point in the game by the keen Donny players understandably wanting to carry on. Charlton fans weren't as keen as Doncaster's, perhaps they could see more closely just how bad conditions were around the home sections, and also possibly worried that conditions weren't all to blame.


Wash out against Doncaster

Strangely despite rain still coming down, the game restarted. The farce continued to much derision from home areas. Soon after Church grabbed a comeback goal to start the fight back. Doncaster also saw a man sent off for two yellow cards, but both incidents also seemed to be affected by conditions, in a half that more closely resembled water sports - visible splashing on every tackle or turn on Charlton's left flank showed things had not improved.

Once half time eventually arrived discussions on the surface clearly continued, including club COO Steve Bradshaw speaking to Paddy Powell - head Groundsman on the pitch. Surreally then the Donny players ran towards their fans, and began throwing their shirts into the crowd, a very bizarre half match of football was over, the game to be replayed from scratch.

Debate will no doubt continue as to whether the Addicks defence were a victim or beneficiary of the weather. But that as they say is football, and we will all get a chance to see the match played again.

CAS Trust - Match day Presence (also for Leicester match)

Meanwhile a somewhat dryer CAS Trust stall had earlier seen a bumper crop of ACV signatures from its fan signsstall behind the Covered end, luckily also covered by a gazebo. The ACV campaign and petition continued to grow with 153 more Addicks adding their names, while 29 signed up as Members of CAS Trust.

Just to reiterate we think its important that as many fans sign the petition as possible to make the clearest statement we can.

As mentioned we will run as stall for the next Saturday match, possibly another behind the club shop in the West stand car park weather permitting. So please do come down and show your support.

TNT 4 Imminent - free Valley special

We are also endeavouring to put out our latest edition of the Trust magazine. It will be free and this run will be 2000 copies available from our stalls and areas around the ground. If it rains this may be limited to one stall and the main local pubs.

If you fancy helping out please do drop us a line to