Doncaster Preview – Trust praying for sunshine

Tomorrow sees the visit of Doncaster Rovers to the Valley, and also the first full match day presence of CAS Trust stalls outside the ground


Chris Powell rejoicing in breaking his points duck, will be missing perhaps two of his midfield seniors adding to his problems. The light on the horizon is the glimmer of academy hope for Charlton's enigmatic midfield in the form of Jordan Cousins, who we assume will take centre stage if Jackson and Stephens are deemed unfit. Bolstered we expect by one of the two seniors in the form of Gower and Hughes.

dickovmurphyIt is unlikely that Green will start due to Powell's preference for one wide player in the form of Harriot but also perhaps that recently promoted Doncaster - after making some signings to bolster their league 1 team - are now led by a certain Mr Dickov, with Pritchard expected on the right.

At the back, perhaps after the League Cup win it though that Cort may have made a case for a start, alongside Morrison. Full backs to remain the same with Evina on the bench.

Up front Kermo and Church expected to start after the form they are showing with Sordell to come on second half.

From the Trust's point of view we'd love you to come down and say Hi. Weather permitting we are hoping to have two stalls, one behind the North and the other behind the club shop near the West Stand. It does seem to rain everytime we do any match day activity..

I cannot stress enough how important it is that as many fans sign our ACV petition as possible, and they can do so on the day tomorrow, as well as joining the trust if they wish. Its important we make a statement and show the strength of feeling for recognising the importance of the Valley.