Valley ACV Status Doubt? Fans urged to sign petition!

Despite welcome support from CAFC and many other groups including the FA - Granting of Valley ACV status may not be a sure thing

Although no application has yet been turned down, and CAS Trust's application for the Valley has attracted widespread support from many quarters CAS Trust chairman Barnie Razzell is urging all fans to sign the petition before a likely decision date some time in October.

"We need as many signatures in support as possible. This may not be the fait accompli that some  have imagined.

I am not saying this for effect or impact. I am saying this because I now believe this petition must be supported by as many fans as we can muster to succeed;  and likewise a big number is also better for the future survival of the status longer term as well.

We as members of the local community, fans, and voters must use our voice to urge the Council to acknowledge the importance of the Valley and its history - not just the club being located somewhere in the Borough; and ensure that through us the community gets a say in that. This petition could turn out to be as important as the local elections where the Valley Party stood.

I cannot emphasise this enough, Charlton Fans everywhere should support this, that way if there is a change in the future that involves sale of the ground we will at least be consulted.

Please sign ACV today."