Ordinary fans to help #CAFC to Fill the Valley

CAS Trust today embarked on pilot campaign to do just that..

A4 FFAF Poster LOW RES (1)Charlton's match against Wigan is a special football for a 'fiver' match, and to help fill the ground that day, CAS Trust has offered to use its network to contact fans and ask them to help deliver 10,000 leaflets.

For more details see our new page Fill the Valley

or https://www.castrust.org/FTV

We at the Charlton Supporters' Trust believe that fans can play a vital role in helping the football club to success, if you agree please help us do that by doing this small thing - 200 leaflets each.

Please join us today it's only a fiver, you can also subscribe to our weekly email updates here.

Don't forget you can still sign our petition in support of Asset of Community Value for the Valley - its absolutely vital as many Charlton fans sign as possible to ensure the correct decision https://www.castrust.org/VALLEYACV. This is by no means a sure thing, so please do remember to sign if you think fans should have say in the future of our ground!