Policing Millwall:Club Responds to calls for better comms

Charlton today released information about arrangements for the South London Derby

Responding to calls for better communication around these kind of matches, CAFC have today released a statement. For full details click here

The match will kick off at 12:15 and will be shown live on Sky. Currently there are no special arrangements planned however discussions between club and police continue..

"At the forefront of the discussions is how best to try and ensure the safety of both sets of supporters, as well as local residents, and at the moment there are no plans to place restrictions on the time or avenues from which supporters can leave the ground after the final whistle."


Trust Response

Vice Chairman Craig Sloman responded to the news as follows:

"While CAS Trust welcomes attempts at better communication on this area we are concerned that there should be no repeat of a situation which as far as we aware is not repeated elsewhere - where away fans are allowed to leave, while access to for home fans to exit roads is inhibited. In other such high risk situations the norm appears to be that away fans are kept back, and as such there is confusion as to why this should not be the case in our situation.

"We would also further repeat calls that a fan representative is included in before and after discussions in some way so that we can highlight and or better understand the issues in play, of course with consideration to confidential material and sensitivities."