Wise wins 500k from Charlton Co-Owner

A court case between Dennis Wise and Tony Jiminez has come to a conclusion today according to reports

No detail is available other than it being in the region of £500k, and regarding a business matter separate to Charlton Athletic. Although the Daily Mail is reporting 'our Tone' to be a former owner, strangely.

In order to alleviate fans concerns the official club website cafc.co.uk today carried a statement as follows:

"A verdict was reached at the High Court on Friday morning in a case relating to Tony Jimenez, co-owner of Charlton Athletic, and Dennis Wise.

This matter in no way relates to activities at the football club and, as such, the club will not be making any further comment."
CAS Trust will not be making any comment at this time particularly while the ramifications if any are unknown, however we will obviously be following this story with interest.