Valley ACV why the delay RBG? Now 15 weeks/1856 signatures

RBG delay to establish a new process for Valley ACV, contrary to the process that has been in operation for some months now, and which has now seen 12 stadia listed in this way.

CAS Trust lodged its application for Asset of Community Value (ACV) status for the Valley back in July, an application which was unopposed by the football club, Freeholder Charlton Athletic, and supported by nearly 2000 fans

floydnharveyThe application has also been supported by a petition that is still growing and currently stands at 1855 the good news is fans can still add their names here. You can also check the Campaign history and progress via our ACV blog. We also know about the history of the Valley. As fans it was down to us that the Club even plays there, and we want to protect that legacy for years to come.

If granted the status which lasts 5 years, would give CAS Trust the right to be consulted and make a bid, if the Valley were ever sold or even moved into a different company.

So far no other ground has been refused the status, and that includes Anfield, Old Trafford, Ewood Park – even an appeal against the status for the first ground the Kassam Stadium has been turned down and its status preserved.

Also in Greenwich itself, the local Authority has already granted two applications to other community groups who made applications, for Progress Hall Community Centre and Weigall Road Sports Ground which were added to the Councils list of Assets of Community Value on 7th August this year.

Yet after we asked local councillor Gillman to make an enquiry on our behalf an official has responded to her, claiming that a separate process has to be established and cleared by the Council Cabinet to deal with ACVs.

This is contrary to the process that has been in operation for some months now, and which has now seen 12 stadia listed in this way.

The Localism Act allows for 8 weeks for this process although a number of local authorities have taken longer – around 12 weeks. With our application now at week 15, we are very interested to know what the reason for the delay is.

We will now be writing again to Councillor Gillman asking her to follow-up this query with urgency, expressing our concerns.

Once more we repeat calls to Charlton Fans to please support the petition here. If you want to email or contact your local councillor to support it, you can find it all on the Royal Borough of Greenwich website.