Valley Gold Recently Announced the Beginning of a Unique Partnership with CAS Trust

Charlton Club AKA Valley Gold (VG) recently posted a Tribute to the Trust by Wendy Perfect Promoter for Valley Gold, former Valley Party candidate, and Charlton fans Director. She outlined the achievements so far and the forming of new arrangements to bring the two organisations closer together for mutual benefits, in another acknowledgment of the value the supporters' group has and can bring.

valley-gold-logoValley Gold was originally formed to raise funds to help Charlton get back to the Valley and it is felt by members of both committees that not only do both organisations operate on a business like professional basis, but that  many of their members are likely to share core values both of preserving and supporting Charlton Athletic.

CAS Trust (CAS) have so far saved VG at least £2000 in the provision of their new website as well as already putting VG in touch with a number of potential members from survey work. It is hoped the partnership will yield more members for VG and allow the Trust to reach more fans. Additionally CAS will assist VG to upgrade their systems and working practices to make best use of new technologies.