Starring Bailey and The Upbeats!

As we all know Football fans sometimes get a bad press.

The upbeets ladsWell here is a story that hopefully goes someway towards  addressing the balance, and showing  what not only what the Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) does but particular the great work that Ray 'TCE' from the Charlton life internet forum, and his wonderful dog Bailey are doing.

Through a Community Trust scheme the Charlton Upbeats team get the benefit of the indoor/ undercover artificial pitch, and training by the professional coaches every Saturday. But once a month TCE and his therapy dog (P.A.T) 'Bailey' who has not been too well himself as of late, make it a  fun day for the kids.

terry and BaileyI had the great privilege of meeting dog and owner recently. To say that  Bailey is 'well trained' is an understatement, having just come earlier in the day from an audition at the tv studios for forthcoming stardom, obviously a wider audience bekons for him?.

They say never work with animals or kids, well this animal, is a joy to meet, and the kids really look forward to the Saturday kickabout, get some fitness and meet up with all their pals. The parents and kids are so relaxed with Bailey, who amid  a rugby scum of cuddles, and strokes,  is not bothered in the slightest, in fact I think he welcomes all the attention.

Bailey and girlI met both the dogs Bailey and Xena ( the most beautifull  pure white ) in the car park just before the families arrived, and the dogs, securely caged in the back of the estate car did not seem at all bothered, having been in front  of the tv camera's a mere photograph was not going to faze this dog!.

Ray has a wonderful command of  Bailey, who I imagine could take anyone for a walk if he wanted too!

Bailey and Toga2The parents  travel some distance to attend these sessions, and  Ray and the dogs do all of this, to help the kids, and comes up from the coast to do this on a regular basis. So well done Charlton Life for supporting this great  community project, and supporting the kids and parents.

Whether Bailey or not get's selected for the tv part? , I hope so, but whatever the outcome, the individuals involved with this project are stars, and  to me I think what you do is  5 star......



Ken Sinyard

Ed: The Upbeats and members of the  Charlton Life Forum will be on the pitch at half time tomorrow after raising £2,500 for the team so please give them a big round of applause. Update: Read more here