Trust Breaks 900 – Addicks show ACV approval after ‘textbook campaign’

More and more Addicks are signing up in person at our stall each week

The steady flow of new members continued on Saturday showing there remain a substantial number of Charlton fans who are willing to back the Trust idea and sign up via our matchday stalls.

Valley ACVContrary to the belief that everything is done via email the world wide web more fans signed up in person again on Saturday in the wake of ACV status for the Valley. It is notable that fans are supporting what has been an almost entirely positive campaign, and emphasis generally of Trust work - rather than flocking en masse to join during an emergency. CAS Trust is close to equaling part fan owned consortium club Swansea City's Swans Trust in membership.

Despite talk of apathy among fans, Charlton's supporter's trust continues to show steady growth, the more fans are reached, and it is the determination that more presence in all areas will allow a greater number of fans to be made aware of the idea, and decide how they feel. They can then choose whether to back it with their fiver or sign up to email or other social media on the Trust network.

We totally accept the challenge that many may not see the need at the present time, but welcome those who think otherwise. We will continue to try and repay the faith that our members have shown us, it is a privilege for us to build a trust for Charlton, to talk to fans and find out what they think, and represent our members views, but also try and help the club we love, and the grass roots members organisations that support it.

The growth of our website has been one part of that, exceeding 14,500 hits in November, but also the growth of our network to over 4000 including email subscriptions and social networks. The more we grow the more publicity we can provide for fan events, issues, and generally provide and independent channel for fans via a Trust that follows strict rules and is regulated and nationally recognised.

In other News

  • Saturday also saw a nice mention for the Trust in long established fanzine Voice of the Valley the piece spoke of a text book campaign, and the value of a supporters' trust to provides a service that neither forums or fanzines can. VOTV also included a very informative article covering the Greenwich peninsula in depth and is well worth a read, exposing the difficulties any development would encounter. We will try and link to this very soon once it's available online and let you make up your own minds.
  • The Trust has also appeared in local media recently promoting ACV including a rather short notice BBC TV london sport programme interview on the night of the decision, and on their website along with a big spread in the Charlton Mercury. As well as a smashing write up in the South London Press
  • We hope to publish the next edition of our magasine TNT in early 2014, but for now we are concentrating on gearing up for our second year.
  • castrust-facebook-logoRenewal season has begun and we would encourage any of our members who joined early in our first year, to renew ASAP so we can continue our work and really consolidate all that we have achieved. We're also throwing in a free badge for renewers, so Click here for details and see more about where your fiver goes, and what you get for being a member.
  • There is a 'small matter' of the direction of CAFC on and off the pitch and we are keeping a firm eye on this, while asking for greater communication. Hopefully things can be resolved soon and actions put in place to secure our Championship status and push for the playoffs..
  • This is one of those times that our club needs us fans most, and perhaps its time to move that up a level for the benefit of CAFC longer term; meantime we would urge all fans to keep the faith and enjoy your Christmas while roaring the Addicks to victory.