What does ACV for the Valley mean for Charlton?

Since Friday 29th November 2013 and nearly 21 years since CAFC's return to SE7,  The Valley is registered with Royal Borough of Greenwich as an Asset of Community Value (ACV)

What is ACV?

  • The designation which is designed to give local communities some say over the future of their local facilities, allows for a 6 week consultation if an asset is put up for sale, and a 6 month period which if taken up a group can put together a bid to purchase - their is no preferential status for any such bid.
  • In Charlton's case this means if the Valley were put up for sale separately to the going concern which is the football club, the registered group in this case CAS Trust would be informed and the process would start.

Why is ACV important?

It’s important for a number of reasons:

  • It recognises the important contribution football clubs/grounds to their communities
  • It establishes that fans as a community group have a stake in the future of their club via the stadium.
  • And finally in certain circumstance it ensures consultation with fans over the future of their football club, specifically if the ground were sold separately. It does not prevent a move per say.

Does the affect the saleability of a club?

  • Since the act is now UK law, and is becoming widespread it won’t be long before all grounds have it. The status is in place on stadiums at Premiership, Championship and other levels including Anfield, Old Trafford.
  • The legislation is also fairly limited and only applies in certain specific circumstances.
  • The status lasts for 5 years after which is must be reapplied for.
  • Any proposed ground move would take more than 6 months, all this would do is delay a fire sale/ground share scenario
  • Consultation makes good commercial sense if you want your fans to keep coming to matches after a relocation occurred.
  • CAS Trust is made up of ordinary fans from many walks of life who want do something positive for the beneft of our football club. We are committed to a responsible, professional and balanced approach that operates within commercial realities. If you look back over our material for the last year we believe that is evident, and will continue to be the case in dealing with this issue or any other.
  • Finally we are committed to giving all Charlton fans a say if the process for consultation was ever triggered, as well as trying to ensure a full and balanced level of information was provided around any proposals.

Why apply for this now?

  • We actually applied last July but the process has taken longer than usual, it was not related to a specific threat or rumour, but in response to a favourable change it the law as mentioned that gives fans more of a say in the future of their club.
  • We were concerned to do this carefully and consulted with Charlton at length before applying
  • Chairman Michael Slater rang us after we wrote to him formally and told us the club would not oppose our application also stating that there were no plans to relocate and that fans would be consulted in any event – hence our Chair's comment that we hope never to use the ACV mechanism. You can see Charlton's tatement on the club website here.
  • CAS trust are committed to giving CAFC fans a voice, we have done this so far by a good deal of scientific research and now achieving this status for the Valley. This is how we would like to continue, literally making sure their views are heard.
  • More than 1900 fans supported this via our petition including our members, subscribers, and non members – this number has continued to grow by between 100-200 each time we have had a match day stall, and is now close to our target number of 2000.


From CAS Trust to all fans and others who supported this, the Board of Charlton Athletic, Supporters Direct, and Royal Borough of Greenwich