Addicks Ticket Fund: A success – as half fund is distributed!!

CAS Trust Secretary today hailed success for the new Addicks' Ticket Fund - a scheme where fans can be nominated by Trust members for assistance in attending matches they would otherwise not be able to.

The scheme which is entirely independent from the Football club, is run by CAS Trust and funded so far by a single donor for this specific purpose, and has already helped 13 fans over 4 matches.

Richard Wiseman CAS Trust secretary, commented:

"The scheme has gone well. We have so far helped a number of fans, and are taking nominations for forthcoming home matches like Birmingham and onwards. Hopefully we have made a small difference for some Charlton fans who could not otherwise attend, as well as putting a bit back into the club. We still have about half the fund remaining so more work to do. And perhaps we'll get more donations at some stage. This is a great way for us to put a little bit back for the fans and the club"

If you are a member and interested in making a nomination, or would like to make a donation, please email for details.