breaks 20k monthly barrier

Charlton Athletic Supporters' Trust's website is this month breaking its own records for hits

Despite a couple of weeks to go this month the year old website smashed its previous monthly record of circa 15,000 hits, currently at around 20,000 which isn't bad for a fan based site that generates nearly all of its own material and has a small fraction of interactive elements.

Of course the interest in the takeover at Charlton has generated new levels of interest in stories, however what is also interesting is that the overwhelming majority of hits (80%) are from its own channels, search engines and social networks etc, rather than links on fan forums, suggesting that it is becoming a more widely used channel for fans to get their news about CAFC.

This means that CAS Trust can reach more fans and therefore hopefully have a better chance to fulfil its aims and objectives, one of which is to give Charlton fans a voice.