Have Charlton fans fallen out of Love with FA Cup? Valley capacity reduced to 10k

Charlton's recent announcement that only Lower West and North would be open has caused some dismay to Charlton fans

CAS Trust has written to Charlton asking for clarification on the business case for not opening other stands like the East stand.

The current situation will allow for only 7,500 home fans squeezed into 2 sides of the ground, leaving one whole side empty and further devoid of atmosphere, and catering queues even longer than normal, it will also be harder for fans to sit together as they might do with season tickets .

Fans are concerned on the effect this will have on the negative effect this will have on the importance of the FA cup, to both fans, club and team, and what knock on effect this might have to further diminish turnout.

Here are some of the arguments:

  • At only a tenner its great value
  • and CAFC have a great chance of progressing to the 4th round
  • The game is on a Saturday (unlike the League cup) the FA cup is given an importance
  • If we start closing stands for high profile competitions what is next? the League perhaps?
  • The League cup 2nd round against Oxford only attracted less than 5000 in total
  • What team will Powell put out, with relegation a possibility should we be resting players?
  • Charlton's dismal record in the cup 🙁

So have Charlton fans now fallen out of Love with the cup?

Steve Bradshaw - CAFC Chief Operating Officer - has said the club has made plans to accommodate more fans if turnout is higher than expected, we hope to hear more on this in the next day or two.

Fans can have their say on here, or no doubt will show their feeling by voting with their feet. The worry is the stand closures will put yet more people off and become a self fulfilling prophecy, and we'd like more clarity on plans to cope with extra demand.

Our view is that all CAFC fans should get down to the Valley on Saturday and make us all proud in the high profile English FA Cup.