CAS Trust disappointed with £19 Oxford replay price

Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust would like to publically register their disappointment with Oxford United’s decision to set ticket prices for the FA Cup Third Round Replay at £19 for adult tickets.

This means charging supporters almost double the £10 price that fans paid to attend the initial match, which resulted in a 2-2 draw last night after two postponements. This seems unfair to us and represents another example of ticket pricing in England being focused solely on maximising profit without concern for the games most important stakeholders, the fans.

Until recently the pricing for FA Cup fixtures prior to the semi-final were mutually agreed between the two clubs competing against one another in each round, however this rule was changed a couple of years ago which means that the pricing for the 3rd round replay at the Kassam Stadium was wholly at the discretion of Oxford United. However it would have been fair for Oxford to have used the pricing set by Charlton for the first match as a benchmark against which to set ticket pricing for the replay.

We have shared this disappointment with both Oxford United FC and with the chairman of Oxford United Supporters Trust (OxVox)  who very kindly offered us advice during CAS Trust’s work to obtain ACV status for the Valley.

Craig Sloman - Vice Chair, CAS Trust