CAS Trust Statement regarding FA Cup Qtr Final scheduling

Below is a statement from the Trust Board regarding the scheduling of the Sheffield United away FA Cup Quarter Final which is scheduled for 12pm on Sunday the 9th March, and not on Saturday the 8th at 5pm which might be expected

The Trust shares the concern and disappointment of many fans at the kick-off time that has been announced for the 6th round FA Cup tie at Bramall Lane.

The main concern is that a Sunday 12.00 kick off is so early that train travel will not be an option at all, as the match kicks off before the arrival of the first train from London

The Trust has been in dialogue with the Club since the arrangements were announced yesterday.

It is still not clear exactly which of the organisations concerned (the FA, the TV companies, the Police) have driven this decision, but it seems unlikely that on our own we can get the decision changed.

Therefore our focus is on persuading the Club to actively assist with travel facilities so that we can sell out our allocation (In FA Cup games, the home and away clubs each retain 33% of the gate revenue).

We will separately take up the wider issue of how such decisions are taken without any apparent consideration of the fans' interests.

The Trust Board