Excuse#2349: Chinese New Year delays Trust badge order

You think Chris Powell has a lot to deal with the British weather, well here at CAS Trust we have plenty of logistical issues  of our own..

It is with great contrition that we are forced to announce a most regrettable delay in delivery of the eagerly awaited and indispensable fashion icon which is the CASTrust badge.

The badge will be available (while stocks last) to all existing members who renew within the renewal expiry period (normally four weeks of their renewal date, unless extenuating circumstances exist) and is available to purchase for new members @£2 (TBC).

Unfortunately, production of the badge was held up when our splendid and normally highly industrious workforce downed tools two weeks ago to partake fully in celebration of the Chinese new year – the year of the horse.

People born in the year of the horse are like most Charlton supporters - cheerful, perceptive, talented, impatient, hot blooded and refusing to be reconciled to failure.  They like entertainment and large crowds.

For any of you having a Mare so far this year here are the Predictions for the year of the Horse:

“In 2014, your fortune in all aspects will fluctuate, so will require great care. You may feel more stressed out, in which case you are advised to talk about it with close friends or councilors, and take part in group activities. Faced with any difficulties, you should be strong to overcome them all. If you treat people around you friendly and behave righteously, you will get through the year smoothly”

“Just keep a low profile, get along well with your boss and be careful of tricks by mean people. Achievement in you job will follow”

“Financial fortune will be unstable in 2014. It seems there will be much unexpected cost”

We are sorry that you will be unable to sport your subtly sophisticated insignia for the demolition of Arry’s boys next Saturday but we are confident that the badge will be available from the exclusive outlet which is the CASTrust stall behind the north stand in time for the games in early March.


Richard Wiseman  - CAS Trust Secretary