Murray Agrees Feb 13 Fan Q&A – details here

Below is a summary of the billed meeting last week between the Trust & CAFC Chairman Richard Murray

At Richard Murray's request, some members of the Trust met with him last week for a meeting to discuss current operational issues (i.e. on-going projects in which the Trust co-operates with the Club) and also to introduce new CAFC Board member Katrien Meire. Steve Bradshaw and Ben Kensell were also in attendance to discuss initiatives in progress before the takeover and operational matters.

This allowed the Trust to introduce its aims, objectives and values to our new owner's representative and to resume the operational basis of the relationship, and restart progress on a number of initiatives.

  • Richard Murray has kindly agreed to our request for a fan Q&A on Thursday 13th February. The event will be organised by the Trust and be open to all Charlton fans.
  • Final touches have been made to a joint Match Day experience survey – the principle was suggested before Christmas and the meeting agreed to launch it shortly
  • Richard Murray and the club recognised the achievement of ACV by the Trust and have offered to help celebrate this  with a fan event at the Birmingham fixture which we have gratefully accepted.

We felt it was a highly positive meeting and look forward to meeting regularly to continue to progress areas of collaboration and ensure delivery of practical improvements.

The subjects of strategy, players and the transfer window were not discussed.

In our recent feedback survey, members prioritised The Trust’s engagement with CAFC as vital and we aim to continue to work with the Club management, for the long term betterment of the football club.

We remain independent, and maintain our position also endorsed by our members, as a ‘Critical Friend’ and we understand the club fully respect this position.

CAS Trust Board

[Ed: The event will be held at the Counting House EC3, 13 February, more details here]