TNT Gold

The budding relationship between partner organisations CAS Trust and Valley Gold continued to blossom recently with VG members receiving a free copy of TNT in the post today.

The relationship between the two organisations off to off to a flying start last year with the Trust procuring a free website for Valley Gold saving them thousands. Both groups are separate or independent from CAFC, fan based, and have closely aligned goals and values associated with preserving the football club for future generations.

The aim is to cross promote to the the two memberships so that like minded fans can find out more about both, and join if interested.


Today the special Edition of TNT with a flip over back cover section landed on doormats as Valley Gold took advantage of the offer to provide a one off postal offering to its members, in a jointly financed initiative. The 6 page section included a full page cover, an article on 25 years of Valley Gold, and a feature interview with Paul Hart Charlton's Academy Director - as well as a membership form and advert for the regular readers, who will pick up their copy from volunteers, our stall, or Trust member e-zine.

This was accompanied by regular TNT features and articles in particular a well received piece by a Belgian journalist on Charlton's new owner, coverage of the other clubs in his network and rules about loans, along with coverage of Trust activity and other features.

Barnie Razzell CAS Trust Chairman said:

"It is a pleasure to work with Valley Gold, not least because of the great work they've done over the years but also working with Wendy Perfect and Matt Baker who are very committed fans and servants of our club.

We'd like to reach out to Valley Gold's membership and give them a taste of what we do, and vice versa - you would be surprised how many Addicks still don't know much about CAS Trust. We don't want to be a backroom organisation, we want to be out there talking to fans and engaging with them like this, through our stall, and through our website. This way hopefully both organisations can benefit as well as further enriching the amount of content available to Charlton fans.

Our group has recently been highlighted as a leading supporters' trust in the Championship and beyond. Our membership of nearly 1,000 is something to be very proud of and compares very well to other clubs and the level of our support at CAFC. We were the first professional club in London to obtain ACV for our ground, plus we innovate and produce a large amount of content and information including TNT our flagship magasine.

We have built a Trust for Charlton fans where others did not, and the Trust Board should take a lot of credit for that.

But another reason for the success is that participation and involvement comes naturally to Charlton fans. Our history is that of struggle and involvement. Partly due to circumstances, but also the response came from the character and true grit of our fans, something which I think we should all be immensely proud of.

It is from this spirit that organisations like Valley Gold have emerged, and indeed supporters groups, the Fans Forum (previously supporters' Director), and I believe now CAS Trust. I want us to work together and to help CAFC become successful once again."

Wendy Perfect of Valley Gold added:

"The joint work we have done with the CAS Trust has been very beneficial to Valley Gold. They helped us increase our membership in 2013 when the football club was struggling, which is unprecedented. We recognise that there is a crossover between those supporters who join the CAS Trust and those who are Valley Gold members and therefore our members will enjoy receiving a CAS Trust News in the post today"

To find out more about Valley Gold please go to their website

To find out more about CAS Trust please sign up to our free subscription, or you can join the Trust here for a fiver a year - this includes an e-zine quarterly subscription to TNT.

You may also be interested in completing the Charlton Athletic Matchday Experience Survey a joing initiative between CAS Trust and CAFC, which also includes a Free Prize Draw.