CAS Trust Statement on Chris Powell’s Departure from #CAFC

There has been strong support (including in our surveys) for Chris Powell to continue as manager and be given a new contract. Therefore we are extremely concerned to learn that he has been dismissed from his post during a critical phase of our battle against relegation; particularly as his track record at Charlton shows he can succeed, and he has operated in a highly challenging environment this season including the turmoil before and during the takeover.

We urge the owner and management of the club to remember that fans are not just customers, but stakeholders in the club. We therefore call upon Roland Duchatelet to as quickly as possible address the fans (ideally in person) on his short and long term plans for improving the club’s situation. We would respectfully suggest that he should make it clear what criteria were applied in the decision to sack Chris Powell; whether a different type of football management system is to be installed; and in this system, who will be held accountable for recruitment and team selection, whether they are based at the Valley or elsewhere. We further ask Mr Duchatelet to clarify whether he expects Charlton to avoid relegation this season with the squad currently available, or whether he acknowledges that the squad must and will be further strengthened with loan signings.

The Trust believes that football needs to become more sustainable. Certainly we recognise that fans cannot expect rich individuals to pour money into a club with nothing more than a vague hope that success will result. However we also believe that managers in football are being evaluated on short-term and unclear criteria, which would not be tolerated in more “normal” businesses. This approach is not ‘sustainable’ in our view.

The CAS Trust Board