#Charlton Director Meire: I understand dialogue with fans is essential #CAFC

The Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust welcomes the recent response from the Club after our calls for dialogue


CAFC Director Katrien Meire said that she intends to address the issues raised once the dust has settled from fighting relegation and preparing for next season. She also said she understood that a dialogue with fans is essential.
CAS Trust contacted Ms Meire in response to supporter concern regarding the new setup which sees Charlton form one of a number of clubs in Roland Dutchalet’s pan-European “network” of teams.
A recent Trust survey has show that 63% of over 1200 Addicks surveyed suggest they thought the structure was a bad idea. We are keeping the poll open to include this Saturday's stall entries.
We also produced a statement, and made representations to club Chairman Richard Murray both prior to the Huddersfield match, and made comments on BBC London radio asking for more dialogue around suggestions of a feeder club situation.
Since then we note that Roland Duchatelet has gone out of his way to try and address fans concerns with another video, now straight on free to air after our requests on that front were noted, which we welcome.

CAS Trust - which now has a membership of over 1000 Addicks and counting, as well as being a nationally recognised body with strict rules, and a democratic accountable basis - will continue to seek a confirmed date for a meeting with Ms Meire.

Our aim is to seek clarification on the issues that our members, and Charlton fans generally, feel are at the heart of Charlton’s future;  while also continuing to attempt to build a constructive, open and meaningful dialogue with the new owners.