Addicks drop watch

So how’s the run in looking for the bottom 7?

Last Update 20th April


18th 43 pts – Birmingham: Blackburn (h), Leeds (h), Wigan (h), Bolton (a)
19th 43 pts – Doncaster: Millwall (a), Reading (h), Leicester (a)
20th 43pts - Millwall: Doncaster (h), QPR (a),Bournemouth (a)
21st 42 pts – Charlton: Wednesday (a), Blackburn (h), Watford (h), Blackpool (a)
22nd 42 pts – Blackpool: Brighton (a), Wigan (a), Charlton (h)
23rd 39 pts – Barnsley: Derby (a), Boro (a), QPR (h)
24th 37 pts – Yeovil: Huddersfield (h), Brighton (a), Boro (h)


Back of a fag packet prediction - but you really never know at this stage

18th Birmingham 46
19th Charlton 46 (a win and a draw needed)
20th Doncaster 44
21st Millwall 44
22nd Blackpool 43
23rd Barnsley 42
24th Yeovil 38