Early Bird Renewal deadline 9.4.14 – what did you do?

The first bit of news to fans is that you won't lose your seat if you don't renew before the deadline (we are reliably informed)


The decision to renew early is of course for every individual Charlton fan to make

For many this has become a habit, a good way of showing support for the club. For this season (2013-14) we understand take up on Season Tickets had dropped overall by around 1400 fans, whether this is second season effect, a result of last seasons rises, or indeed discontent with the administration or the reduction of investment last summer is unclear, but we believe this means overall revenue dropped a little. It will be interesting to see if Ben Kensell's scheme this year can reverse that trend in terms of take up but revenue overall may be similar for season 2014-15.

  • What you will be doing by renewing before the deadline is supporting CAFC by renewing early and helping cash flow we assume, although it is unclear how much this is an issue in the new Duchatelet network era.
  • What you will also be doing is securing your seat at a certain price, we will be looking at the new pricing structures in the next issue of TNT (due out for Good Friday). So assuming Charlton stay up you could be saving yourself a few quid.

On top of that, you can move seats and take advantage of the new cheaper gradated pricing towards the edges of the stands, although many will want to retain their existing seats with people around them they know, there have been some increases to central areas though and particularly for kids tickets. Here are last years prices.

Is relegation a factor?

If Charlton go down will the prices go down? We doubt it, so for those hedging their bets you may as well go a head and renew, although don't quote us on that. You could always ask for a refund we suppose, but it's more likely to go up if we stay up.

There will be some who don't want to commit to a season ticket for League 1 football, but how many who knows?

Other Factors

The Powell factor: this year our survey around how fans felt on Powell's departure showed some interesting but possibly worrying statistics. Participants were asked directly: How likely are you to buy a season ticket after Chris Powell's sacking? 51% of the 1286 respondents said Less. 50% of those fans think the network is an awful idea (31% think it's a poor one)with a total of 81% say the idea is at least a poor one.

250 of the 1,010 (78%) who thought he shouldn't have been sacked left comments to the effect that he was dealt a raw hand with underinvestment particularly this season and should have been given more time and resources, etc.

Some of this reaction was understandable due to the love fans had for Chris who epitomised that Charlton spirit for many, but after the dust has settled how will those people feel? And of course a survey is one thing, actually renewing early or not is another.

Of course that was several weeks ago and a lot of fans were very upset. Jose Riga has come in, a coach known to the new owners, and managed to keep things steady while getting some decent results, picking up some points, but we are still close to the drop zone. Yes fans will miss Powell, but Riga has not been a disaster, neither has he been a revelation arguably.

Is the new era likely to be a factor?

Although many have concerns it's probably too early to say.

We are clearly in the very early stages of new ownership, in a new era as part of a network. 

  • Fan engagement is on hold while the club 'focusses entirely on avoiding relegation'. Although the Fans' Forum is still meeting.
  • There are questions around future direction, Charlton's role and place in the network and scope for advancement
  • As well as questions around levels of investment and the Feeder club allegations.

Until those questions can be answered in words or indeed actions, there may be many who for the first time in years are not inclined to do the early bird thing,  but only time will tell.

There is some good news

  • Enhanced investment plans revealed for Charlton's Academy - got to be good news for the future
  • Good news on affordable ticket pricing - this could have a big effect attracting back new fans, and represents a real improvement on affordability
  • Various efforts to improve the match day experience including a joint survey that was started last year, and a statement of intent from Mr Duchatelet himself no less.
  • Engagement is apparently to recommence in the close season, and the Fans Forum is still operational.

Ultimately of course the decision was yours - the loyal and dedicated fans of CAFC.

Have your say?

The bigger of the Charlton Forums is running their regular poll on renewals and fans views and it will be interesting to see how this contrasts with previous years - hopefully they will let us look at these so we can inform our Season Ticket article in the next TNT (Trust Mag - due for the Bolton Match).