New Charlton 2014-15 Kit (Speculator) which is your fave?

Should Charlton get a new kit for next season, the Trust's very own kit man Trevor Wale, has knocked up a few designs based on the current Nike catalogue.

The Addicks enter the third year of a 4 year deal with manufacturer Nike with 2 kits already down, and a sale on for the most recent. A new sponsor perhaps, or perhaps a new shirt too?

I have to admit the last Macron kit was my favourite in a very long time although I only buy for my son and daughter nowadays so didn't have one of my own.

Last year CAS Trust were invited to the new kit launch, and helped spread the word to Charlton fans. No news so far this time around but of course it's something of great interest to many of us Charlton fans.

Our kit watcher Trev has pillaged the Nike catalogue and picked out 4 or 5 'possibles' (other than that we have no clue). We're interested in what your choice might be, you never know we fans might get to vote in future on the best design like we did some years back.


Here are Trev's 'possibles', please give your views if you like - it's just a bit of fun..


Kit 1



Kit 2



Kit 3



Kit 4


kit 5