Annual Supporters’ Summit Wembley 26th July 2014 – CAS Trust want your views

CAS Trust will for the first time be representing Charlton fans at the annual supporters' summit organised by the Football Supporters' Federation and Supporters Direct


The event will also include a chance to make representations direct to the Football League, as well as discussions and debates on a number of areas.

We would very much like to hear from Charlton fans about any concerns they have that we can raise with the appropriate

Topics like:

  • Football Policing
  • Ticket and Merchandise Pricing
  • Protection of Football Club Heritage and the role of Fan groups in that
  • Asset of Community Value for football grounds
  • Fan participation and engagement
  • Fair and Proper ownership tests


We are also delighted to have been invited to be on the panel for a discussion on Supporters' Trusts.

Please email us with any comments or complete the section below

(Ed: Look out for a section in Friday's Evening Standard re: the above)