The Charlton Men – Paul Breen

The Charlton Men - Paul Breen's first novel - tells the story of two young men whose lives become intertwined with the fortunes of their local football club.  Lance, a Londoner, has followed Charlton Athletic all his life - from childhood right up until his return from Afghanistan, scarred by war and feeling abandoned after the sacrifices he has made for his country. Fergus, an Irishman, comes to London to get a fresh start in life.  They both fall in love with a mysterious Marilyn Monroe lookalike (from Huddersfield) whose darker side ripples beneath the surface. The two men find themselves pitted against one another as competitors for her affection.

The Charlton Men_pb_cov.indd

Set in the historic surrounds of Greenwich and Charlton the novel is set against the background both of the riots and of the 2011/12 promotion season.  The novel interweaves the rich heritage of the area's (and the football club's) rich past with contemporary themes of social disenfranchisement and a search for meaning.

The Charlton Men will be available to buy from the CAS Trust stall on Harvey Gardens behind the covered end before the Wigan and Derby games.