CAS Trust – the Charlton SUPPORTERS’ Trust – Network Reaches 5000

CAS Trust recently broke through the 5000 Network Marker

The Network number is an amalgamation of all the Trust's channels (Facebook, email, Twitter) so although it is bound to have some duplication, it is an interesting snapshot - the breakdown is visible on our website front page under Trust Supporters.

badgeWhile the news is good, there is some concern over the level of renewals. Although new members are joining, some existing members aren't renewing, and recently is dropping below 1000. If you have any problems renewing please do get in touch.

We believe it so important for a club like ours in the uncertain world of modern football where owners come and go, but generations of fans  are here for life - this is why we believe in visible, independent representation, particularly giving a voice to fans through our surveys, research, articles, and free publications epitomised in our recent TNT8.

The Trust is run by likeminded fans who put in many hours of volunteer time to make it exist. Members annual fees help us do that and are vital so we can reach as many Charlton fans as possible. If you have any feedback, or want to help please do get in touch.

We have an auto renewal feature now, and fans can also elect to join up for several years if they wish at our stall.

Please don't forget to renew, get your friends and family to support us if you do, and help us maintain and build a Supporters Trust for Charlton fans - word of mouth from our members is one of our most powerful tools.