Gold struck by Supporters Trust

Rich Pemberton of the Supporters’ Trust Board has been invited to sit on the management committee of Charlton Club, the body that runs Valley Gold and the club’s lottery.

Initially founded to support the return to the Valley, Valley Gold now enables supporters to provide financial support to the development of young players at Charlton Athletic, and has contributed in excess of £2.5m to the Academy.

Rich Pemberton was elected to the Trust Board earlier this year and acts as CAS Trust's Treasurer. He will join the Committee as one of two Supporters’ Representatives Officers, serving alongside two CAFC nominees and the Chair.

Rich welcomed the opportunity to serve supporters on the Valley Gold Committee, saying, “Valley Gold has long provided a unique ability for supporters to have an influence on the pitch through its significant financial contribution to the development of Charlton’s young players. Like the Supporters’ Trust, Valley Gold is independent and fan-based, and we share closely aligned goals and values associated with preserving the football club for future generations.

“So I’m hugely delighted that the Supporters’ Trust’s role and scope of supporter representation has been recognised by the Valley Gold Committee, and it’s a very real privilege to be invited to join them. I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve our supporters by assisting the Committee in developing Valley Gold’s role as an expression of the fans’ support of the club.”

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