Public meeting – Format and process

Public Meeting Woolwich 18th Feb

Purpose & Objectives

The purpose of the meeting is to give all Charlton Athletic supporters an opportunity to air and discuss their views of the current situation of the club, with the objectives of reaching a consensus and agreeing a strategy for any further action deemed necessary and appropriate.

Meeting Arrangements

The meeting is organised by Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Trust (CAS Trust), who have appointed a Chair and Secretary responsible for conducting the meeting and ensuring notes are taken. They will be accompanied at the fore of the venue by the person co-ordinating Twitter communications throughout the event.

There will be three parts to the meeting:

  • Nominated Speakers. The invited speakers shall present supporter opinion from supporters’ associations, publications, forums, and other groups, through concise pre-prepared speeches.
  • Open Floor. This part shall take the form of a ‘Town Hall’, whereby comments are invited from the floor, by Twitter and from people unable to attend who have made submissions.  A key goal during this section is to identify consensus amongst those present.
  • Conclusion. To agree where consensus has been reached; to agree a unified and appropriate response; and, where appropriate, to assign responsibility for actions.



Meeting Rules

Attendance implies agreement to abide by the following rules (of which the Chair is the final arbiter):

  1. Participants shall refrain from using language that may be considered offensive, including but not limited to that which is obscene, racist, xenophobic, homophobic and/or sexist.
  2. At all times, anyone addressing the meeting shall be concise and seek to offer original views. This is vital to ensure time for all views to be heard.
  3. Those in attendance shall respect the speakers’ rights to make their points unhindered. Talking over, shouting down or openly objecting whilst someone has the floor is not acceptable.
  4. All speakers agree that they represent their own view, or those of a group of supporters by whom they have been empowered to speak on their behalf. NB. No speech or proposal has been scrutinised by the organisers ahead of the meeting.
  5. The meeting shall respect the Chair’s responsibility to manage the meeting at all times, and shall comply with their direction.

Outputs and Actions

Notes of the meeting shall be issued by the Secretary of the Supporters’ Trust within 3 working days.   No party shall be bound by meeting proposals but the Supporters’ Trust will consider taking forward approved proposals (and tracking  their progress) if that is the wish of the meeting.


Complaints regarding matters of procedure may be submitted to  The Supporters’ Trust shall consider the complaint and respond to the complainant within 3 working days.