Video: Addicks fans air views on Club predicament as 400 #cafc attend Woolwich meeting

This week saw over 400 fans gather in Woolwich for a public meeting organised by the Charlton Supporters' Trust (CAS Trust)

The meeting included representatives from a wide range of groups including supporters groups from the Fans Forum, several internet fan forums, and fan publications, as well as a diverse range of fans in age and background. Also in attendance were various members of the media including BBC.

Courtesy of Voice of the Valley Website you can also view the first couple of sessions of part 1, and part 2, a summary of the whole meeting which continued after the video is here.

Any fans still wishing to have their say can take part in our online survey here, and email CAS Trust secretary Richard Wiseman.

A full report of the meeting will follow soon, and we hope to include representative excerpts from all the feedback and views presented. The Trust will also try to follow up on the event as soon as possible in terms of where next, in the coming weeks.

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