1% of Charlton fans think we’ll get automatic promotion

Following the pre-AGM survey the Trust recently ran, these are the headline outcomes on the current state of the club:

478 supporters responded to CAS Trust’s recent survey (launched on 20th October – the day of the Preston game) about the state of the club.  Just over half respondents completed the survey on 20th October – the majority before the match kicked off.

61% of respondents were season ticket holders. 47% were Trust members.  94% of respondents had been supporters for over 10 years and 80% for over twenty years.

23% think that we will be relegated this season. 51% think that the club will just avoid relegation but Trust members are slightly more optimistic – only 21% think we will be relegated.

However, of respondents who completed the survey after the Preston and Brentford games 61% thought we would be relegated and 39% thought we would just avoid relegation.

1% think we will win automatic promotion.

67% of respondents say that they are not very satisfied (34%) or not at all satisfied (33%) with the way Charlton Athletic has been run since Roland Duchâtelet took over.  Trust members are less satisfied - the percentage of those not at all satisfied increases to 40% if only Trust members are considered.

17% of all respondents were very satisfied (2%) or quite satisfied (15%).

85% thought it not at all likely that the club would be in the Premier League in the next five years.

25% of season ticket holders were affected by the season ticket delivery problems at the start of the season. 58% of these respondents think the club should do something to make amends.  Suggestions ranged from individual letters of apology to providing vouchers for future games, free FA Cup tickets, discounts on next year and free upgrades.

62% said they had become Charlton supporters through a family connection.  Most respondents (83%) said that they had introduced other people to supporting the club. On average, each respondent reckoned to have introduced 3 people.  This means that 1500 new supporters have been created by our survey respondents. This confirms the importance of recommendation from current supporters. The current fan base is the key to recruiting new supporters.