Co-ordinating Information for Proposed Fan Action

Charlton fans are showing a level of discontent not witnessed since the club's then owners forcibly removed us from the Valley in 1985. Even the four relegations since that time did not see anything like the volume of protest, nor decline in attendances that we witness now - in a season barely half way over.

The Supporters Trust has been seeking dialogue with the Club's owners throughout 2015, to help all of us understand and influence how the owner's business plan will safeguard the status of the club and continue to make us proud to be Charlton supporters. This is the mandate that our members have given us, but we regret that despite a public commitment from the club any such discussion has yet to commence.

This is one reason why the scale of protest is rapidly rising, and in recent weeks our members have been telling us in increasing numbers that they no longer have faith that meaningful dialogue is possible.

We believe it is vital that the possibility of talking constructively with the club remains open and that the Supporters' Trust remains committed to getting it started. However we do have a responsibility to represent the voice of the fans, and we must acknowledge the growing desire to protest at the way the club is being run.

Protests have already started, of course, and we know that this is action Charlton supporters don't take lightly. We believe the most effective protests convey concerns strongly without crossing the lines of acceptable behaviour. However, the Supporters' Trust is uniquely placed to help channel the various protest activities towards a common, positive outcome for all.

Therefore, the Supporters' Trust is introducing a dedicated resource centre on our website to co-ordinate information about effective but appropriate responses to supporters' concerns. This can be found by following Fan Action Hub in the menu above.

We invite organisers to submit details of their upcoming planned actions, their goals and their contact details for inclusion. Please email these details to